Good today.          Better tomorrow.          Successful forever.


Mission Statement


The Mission of the Raymond School District is to ensure high levels of learning for all. Through innovation and collaboration with our community, we will encourage and challenge each student with a rigorous and relevant program.


Belief Statements for the District


We Believe:


1.   Acquiring and applying knowledge and skills is a life long collaborative process.

2.   Each student must be valued, challenged and encouraged.

3.   Each student will excel by engaging in diverse, rigorous and relevant experiences.

4.   Innovation in teaching practices is essential to student success.

5.   Service to community engenders pride, ownership and sense of belonging.

6.   Community support and engagement is essential to students’ academic success and personal growth.

7.   Students will acquire and apply thinking and problem solving skills that are creative and adaptive for success.

8.   We must ensure a healthy and safe environment for all.

9.   Our school community values a positive attitude, hard work, high expectations, a shared vision, and effective communication.

10. We are committed to preparing our students to assume their roles as productive, responsible citizens.

11. Strong student-teacher relationships are the foundation of all meaningful learning.

12. Our core purpose is to ensure high levels of learning for all students to foster unlimited opportunities.

13. Strong teacher-parent relationships are essential for students’ academic success.


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