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Raymond is a destination center and distribution center.  Five state highways meet in and pass through Raymond, with two exits off of high-volume NH State Route 101.  This provides excellent opportunities for retail, along with manufacturing, warehousing and distribution.  Check out some of our businesses listed on the interactive map below!  If your Raymond based business is not listed, please call (603) 895-7007 to give us your information.
















Raymond also has designated 5 Economic Revitalization Zones throughout the Route 101, Exits 4 and 5 areas. See details below.


Raymond Incentives


On March 22, 2011, the New Hampshire Department of Resources and Economic Development approved five Economic Revitalization Zones (ERZs) in the Town of Raymond, which were then re-authorized in 2016.

Click on links below for ERZ Area Maps (ERZs are outlined in Yellow):

Area 1 – Exit 5 ERZ

Area 2 – Exit 4 ERZ

Area 3 – Route 27 North Side ERZ

Area 4 – Route 27 South Side ERZ

Area 5 – Chester Road ERZ

If you have questions, please call Joseph Ilsley at 603) 895-7007 or send an e-mail to


State of New Hampshire Incentives and Programs


NH R & D Tax Credits

The R&D Tax Credit is a credit against business taxes paid to the state of New Hampshire.  The Legislature has designated $1,000,000 for each of the next 5 fiscal years to be available.


NH Job Training Fund

The New Hampshire Job Training Fund is a matching grant program designed to enhance worker skills and help you stay competitive in the global marketplace. A minimum of 50 percent cash match is required.


Procurement Technical Assistance Program (PTAP)

PTAP provides specialized assistance to individuals and businesses seeking contracting opportunities with Department of Defense (DOD), other federal agencies, or state and local governments.


New Hampshire International Trade Resource Center (ITRC)

ITRC administers programs for international trade promotion and foreign market development for New Hampshire companies.


New Hampshire Manufacturing Extension Partnership

Low cost consulting services, including lean and agile supply chain management, product development, technology transfer and commercialization; quality management, including compliance with ISO 9000/14000 certification requirements; information technology (IT) management; plant layout, equipment specification, and health, safety, energy and environmental issues.


Business Energy Conservation Loan Fund

Provides direct loans to businesses to improve energy efficiency in NH workplaces. Minimum loan $100,000 with flexible underwriting standards and loan terms.


Important Links

Regional Economic Development Center - Located in Raymond, NH!

New Hampshire Department of Resources & Economic Development